Jazmin & Jose Miguel destination wedding. Intimate wedding in San Blas, Nayarit Mexico. Wedding Photography & videography in Mexico

Jazmin and Jose Miguel booked their date more than one year in advance. I felt totally honored to have been chosen to document their adventure wedding and it also showed me how much interest they were putting to make everything look incredible for their most special day. They are a super easygoing couple with a beautiful little girl. As soon as they told me they wanted to elope and that it was going to be in San Blas Nayarit, I said "I am totally in". Nayarit has amazing beaches, vegetation and weather. It couldn't have been in a better spot. They chose La Manzanilla, a little hideaway where couples get married without catching too much attention. Arriving there took us 5 hours with the most beautiful views ever. There are many beautiful beaches in Mexico but this one had a very special touch. On the wedding day 1 (I have to mention they had two weddings in different places and days), we had a beautiful sunset with the most important people such as family and friends to witness the love they felt for each other. There was a delicious dinner with seafood and all sorts of drinks made right in front of you by hospitable friendly local people. They have the most delicious shrimps I have ever eaten BTW. The words they said, the gifts they gave to each other and the love they showed was simply indescribable. If you want to know what happened on day 2, click on the video to see it for yourself. I am sure you will love it!

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