Boda Destino Austin TX - Santa Anita MX

Una pareja con un estilo diferente y con un gran amor unico e inolvidable. Acompañados de su bebé han viajado desde Austin Texas para unir sus vidas aun más y casarse frente al altar, como lo habian prometido hace muschos años atras, en unos de los templos más bellos de Jalisco. El Templo de Santa Anita (pueblo) a solo unos minutos de la ciudad de  Guadalajara. El hacer Fotografia de boda para esta hermosa pareja y tener la fortuna de ser testigos de las palabras que proximamente veran en uno de nuestros videos cinematograficos de boda es el más grande honor que uno puede tener como artista audiovisual. 

Les compartimos unas imagenes de esta hermosa boda que esta aun en proceso de post producción.

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 Boda F & D
 Boda F & D
 Boda F & D
 Boda F & D
 Boda F & D
 Boda F & D
 Boda F & D
 Boda F & D
Thomas & Carmen- True Love - Destination Wedding Photographer Guanajuato. Timeless Destination Wedding videography in Mexico.

One thing I love about  weddings is you never  how exactly they will turn out. You can have many dieas of how everything will be but life always surprises you with the best.

Carmen and Thomas had spent months planning but they did not have an idea how happy and emotive their wedding was going to be. People from all over the world came to see and celebrate the union of these two beautiful souls full of love.

Honestly I don't think it could have been more beautiful or perfect. It was a three-day experience that goes to show you that when it comes to love, everything is worth and possible.

I love elopements but I also love full wedding days in historic towns like Guanajuato. It has so many beautiful places that you can never have enough of. Enjoy and share the love of this beautiful film! 

Jazmin & Jose Miguel destination wedding. Intimate wedding in San Blas, Nayarit Mexico. Wedding Photography & videography in Mexico

Jazmin and Jose Miguel booked their date more than one year in advance. I felt totally honored to have been chosen to document their adventure wedding and it also showed me how much interest they were putting to make everything look incredible for their most special day. They are a super easygoing couple with a beautiful little girl. As soon as they told me they wanted to elope and that it was going to be in San Blas Nayarit, I said "I am totally in". Nayarit has amazing beaches, vegetation and weather. It couldn't have been in a better spot. They chose La Manzanilla, a little hideaway where couples get married without catching too much attention. Arriving there took us 5 hours with the most beautiful views ever. There are many beautiful beaches in Mexico but this one had a very special touch. On the wedding day 1 (I have to mention they had two weddings in different places and days), we had a beautiful sunset with the most important people such as family and friends to witness the love they felt for each other. There was a delicious dinner with seafood and all sorts of drinks made right in front of you by hospitable friendly local people. They have the most delicious shrimps I have ever eaten BTW. The words they said, the gifts they gave to each other and the love they showed was simply indescribable. If you want to know what happened on day 2, click on the video to see it for yourself. I am sure you will love it!

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Sebastian & Juan Jose Elopement in Mexico. Mazamitla forest adventure wedding photographer. Same sex wedding photography & films in Mexico.

Elopements have changed my life a lot. I feel honored to be a witness of such a wonderful moment. Same sex couples are now choosing to have a more meaningful experience that truly reflects what they feel showing to that important person who they really are.

When I met Sebastian and Juan Jose to have our first conversation, I knew they were going to have an amazing elopement + wedding day. They wanted to have an epic day and chose to climb in Mazamitla Forest in Jalisco, Mexico. One of the most beautiful places in the state. They carefully planned every little detail; flowers, clothes, spots, times etc. I was welcome to stay at a cabin with their 6 guests and played games while prepping everything for the next day. It was so much fun. We were lucky to have a foggy cold day the next day, we all loved the vibe there was around us. It could not have been better.

It is super important to always be yourself and dedicate the time to write and thing what you will say and promise to your partner. Their vows were just beautiful that we all ended in tears to hear such wonderful words. The sound of the wind blowing through those tall trees made it a really special day to all of us. I cannot wait to go back and shoot another amazing elopement & intimate wedding in that place.

A few months later, they had a spiritual ceremony in the city and a super fun party where many friends and family had the chance to celebrate their new adventure. You can see more about this awesome experience by clicking in the following images and buttons =)

Get in touch with me if you'd like to chat about your own dream elopement. I'd love to help you make something awesome in any part of the world.